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Contempts and Modifications

Last updated on February 15, 2021

Nothing in life stays the same. People get jobs in other states. They lose jobs and face changes in their standards of living. Kids graduate from high school and enter college. Each one of these changes may lead people to seek modifications of existing court orders.

Experienced Representation For Modifications And Enforcement

At Sneider Kellman, PC, we represent clients throughout the Boston area in matters related to post-judgment modifications of existing court orders, enforcement and contempt proceedings. These actions are related to many complex issues, including:

  • Changing child support when a parent’s income increases or decreases significantly
  • Affording additional expenses such as paying for college
  • Modifying parenting plans to meet a child’s changing needs
  • Modifying parenting plans to bring a court order in line with your current schedule
  • Moving out of the state of Massachusetts
  • Changing alimony after an ex-spouse moves in with a partner or gets married
  • Forcing a deadbeat spouse to pay back child support
  • Fighting to protect your visitation rights with your child

Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights by fighting hard for them in Massachusetts courts – no matter what. If you are considering taking legal action to protect your rights, you should know that it may be easier than you think.

Under Massachusetts law, spouses who fail to follow existing court orders are often ordered to pay the other spouse’s attorney’s fees. This can make legal representation affordable. It helps make sure that the cost of litigation does not keep you out of the courtroom when your relationship with your child is at stake.

Moving Out Of Massachusetts With A Child

When courts order child custody and parenting plans, they retain the power – the jurisdiction – over that order. Changes to the order must involve the court system and require the party desiring the change to file a complaint about modification.

This is especially true when a parent is considering a move out of Massachusetts. It is necessary for the parent to have the order modified before the change is made. If parents move without the other parent’s approval and without modification of the existing court order, they risk serious consequences.

At Sneider Kellman, PC, we represent parents seeking to move out of Massachusetts as well as parents seeking to prevent another parent from moving. Each case is different, and we tailor the approach we take to meet our clients’ unique needs.

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