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Sneider Kellman, PC, when you need advocates fighting for your child's best interest in Massachusetts.

Each family is different. Accordingly, each case is different. There is no one right solution that works for everyone, and sometimes even the best results aren’t right if they aren’t right for you.

At Sneider Kellman, PC, our lawyers work to understand the specific needs and concerns of clients facing child custody and parenting plans concerns in the Boston area. Some child custody and parenting plans matters are amicable and others are highly contentious, requiring many parenting plan negotiation sessions and appearances in Massachusetts courts.

Child Custody Counsel for Today—And Tomorrow

Whether you are facing child custody and parenting plans issues for the first time or are revisiting a recurring legal matter, our attorneys bring sophisticated negotiating skills to your child custody and parenting plans case, as well as their understanding of the legal requirements. We focus not only on the present, but also on identifying possible problems in the future. This approach helps us represent clients in child custody and parenting plans and visitation matters related to divorce or paternity proceedings. We also handle matters further down the road, when an existing court order must be modified or enforced to meet the needs of the parties.

Lawyers at our firm pay special attention to meeting our clients’ individualized needs during a divorce. We know that, if our attorneys can negotiate a solution that is acceptable to all parties, your case can be resolved quickly, quietly and efficiently without going to trial. Our lawyers can help you prepare, negotiate, and/or litigate child custody and parenting plans and visitation matters to get you the results you deserve.

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