Our expert legal team restores peace by helping parties hear each other, and establishing and maintaining an atmosphere of understanding, respect, honesty and fairness.

Collaborative Law

Keeping you in control of the process, we guide couples through divorce and separation to a mutually agreed upon, negotiated settlement without the threat of court.


When a settlement can’t be reached through other means, our unstoppable defense team has a proven track record in Massachusetts for delivering results to fit your goals.

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Arthur Sneider

Managing Partner

Attention to his clients and superior knowledge of the law is what sets Attorney Arthur Sneider and his legal team apart from other firms.

Barbara S. Kellman


Attorney Barbara Kellman is well known for successfully handling the most complicated family law cases, child custody and support issues.

Elizabeth I. McGuire


Attorney Elizabeth McGuire builds relationships of trust with each client, advocating persuasively and effectively on their behalf.

Joseph Sherman

Joseph D. Sherman


Attorney Joseph D. Sherman establishes a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of his cases in order to be an effective litigator.  

Joseph Sherman

Benjamin M. Lupatkin


Although Attorney Lupatkin is a mediator at heart, he possesses the ability to both skillfully and zealously litigate all aspects of the criminal justice system.

My spouse and I got divorced, but we remain co-parents and friends. Going through a Collaborative Law process with Barbara Kellman made a heart-breaking process a little bit easier and gave us some tools to work together going forward. Post divorce, we still have to figure out lots of things together relating to taxes, college tuition, parenting, and property we owned together. Having the foundation of a collaborative process has made those interactions less contested and more positive. We sometimes have differing or even conflicting interests, but an adversarial process would not have helped us over the long term. Barbara and her firm helped me to see the full picture and to know when to stand firm and when to compromise. A Valued Collaborative Law Client

When I was going through my divorce, my emotions often took precedence. Although sympathetic with my day to day struggles, Barbara remained focused on my longterm needs; she patiently encouraged me through a demanding, bewildering, and sometimes callous process. I highly recommend Barbara Kellman, Arthur Sneider, and their legal team – they were attentive and supportive, provided exceptional advice, and even managed to make me smile when I needed to desperately. A Valued Litigation Client

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