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Sneider Kellman, PC, a record of success in and out of the court room in Massachusetts.

Unlike trial work, appeals are based strictly on facts and issues already introduced in the case. They use legal reasoning to show how matters were handled incorrectly by the trial court. When we handle an appeal, attorneys at our firm carefully review the trial court record and write persuasive legal briefs, which we argue before appellate judges. This requires a completely separate skill set of skills than success at trial does, but we have sharpened these skills over many years. Lawyers at our firm have what it takes to achieve the best possible results.

Handling Trials With an Eye Toward Appeals

We never encourage our clients to accept an unsatisfactory compromise, and if it becomes necessary, we have the skill, resources and experience to vigorously pursue a client’s claim through trial and appeal. Our attorneys have handled litigation in state, federal and appellate courts and have represented clients before local administrative boards.

We know that appeals are limited in scope to the issues raised at the trial level, so we handle our trials with an eye toward appeals. We make sure each and every important issue is raised—that each objection is heard and each fact meticulously assessed.

An appeal may never be necessary. Your case may likely end with a victory at the trial court level, which is not appealed by the other party. However, this may not be the case. In hotly disputed family law matters such as divorce, paternity or child custody and parenting plans and parenting plans disputes, you can trust that your case will be handled with a focus on the future as well as the present. You can trust that lawyers at Sneider Kellman, PC, will prepare your case for a successful appeal, just in case.

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