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A matter that was hotly debated for nearly 25 years has been finalized: Massachusetts finally has a new law on alimony, and the outdated model that our state used to follow has been modified to better reflect current legal thinking and societal trends.

So what does that mean?

It means that—in many cases—lifetime alimony is over. New limits have been placed on the length of time during which an ex-spouse can receive or be required to pay alimony. The law allows for suspension of alimony when a spouse cohabits or lives with a new partner.

The changing law also means that it is more critical than ever to work with a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of Massachusetts family law—someone who keeps up to date with the most recent changes and knows how they might apply to your case.

At Sneider Kellman, PC, in Brookline, we have what it takes to effectively handle changing alimony laws. We keep up-to-date on the law so that we can effectively protect our clients’ interests in Massachusetts courts. Using years of experience, we have the skill and resources necessary to achieve the best possible results in these challenging cases.

Massachusetts law provides for general term alimony, rehabilitative alimony, transitional alimony (sometimes called “temporary alimony”) and reimbursement alimony. You or your spouse may be entitled to one of these types of alimony, depending on your situation. Courts take into account factors such as the length of your marriage, your financial, physical and emotional states when making the determination during a divorce.

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