Sneider Kellman, PC, when you need compassionate advocacy.

Mediation is an increasingly popular way to work out a fair, legally enforceable settlement without involving the court system in the process until an agreement is reached. Founding attorney Arthur Sneider is a trained family law mediator as is his Partner, Barbara Kellman. Ms. Kellman is also Vice President of the Massachusetts Council of Family Mediation. Often times, parties choose mediation over litigation because it can be less contentious and less expensive. A mediator does not play the role of arbitrator or decision maker—rather he or she facilitates resolution through a private and confidential process.

At our firm, Attorney Arthur Sneider and Barbara Kellman are both specially trained to assist you and your spouse in working toward a divorce settlement. They provide the requisite legal information and a safe environment to address conflict that may arise along the way. They will mediate as many sessions as necessary to help you and your spouse reach agreement on the issues in your divorce, without resorting to a courtroom.