Barbara Kellman, Partner

Bringing clarity and stability to families for over 30 years.

Combining sensitivity with razor-sharp representation, Attorney Barbara Kellman has established a reputation in Massachusetts family law courts as the go-to lawyer for fixing seemingly unfixable legal problems. She has practiced law for 30 years and mediation for more than 20 years. As General Counsel to New England Deaconess Hospital, and, later, Counsel to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing, Barbara was involved in countless disputes and is known for negotiating favorable resolutions and winning contentious legal battles. Barbara has been representing individual men and women in divorce and family law matters, and providing mediation to separating and divorcing couples in her current location since 2010. She believes strongly that individuals can learn and grow from the sometimes painful, and always life-changing experiences of separation and divorce. And she is always alert to ways of helping her clients move forward, whether in mediation or litigation.

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